I must apologise to all visitors to this site that it has't been updated  in around the last 3 years (last update Feb 2008) - I'm still around but just very busy. A lot of the information on this site is still valid  and please feel free to contact me by phone or via the contact form on this site if you are interested in driver coaching/circuit instruction.

To see what I have been up to of late just click HERE to view my Youtube channel.

Apologies ...

For this site being rather sparse on information at present. It is very much under construction as I move information over from various freebie website into a fuller and more coherent form. I'll also apologise for it being rather basic, i'm a driver coach not a web-designer and am using a fairly basic web-design package so please forgive it being rather crude.

Hi, my name is Malcolm Edeson and I have been training race drivers since 1991. I was myself trained at the world renowned Jim Russell school in the UK back in 1990. The following year I trained with them as an instructor and spent the next 5 years working for them, mostly on their 7 day race driver course. The work was almost solely race driver training unlike the majority of instructor work these days which is more on gift and corporate days.

After Jim Russell I continued to provide private coaching and travelled worldwide (USA, Russia, South America, Australia etc.) whilst also running a succesful IT Consultancy company. 

In 2001 I realised that the IT side was taking too much of my time, I closed the business and after a short sabatical I rejoined the ranks of general instructing via the ARDS (Assoc of Racing Drivers Schools) scheme and I am now a Grade A ARDS instructor (the higherst instructor grade). I have also continued to provide private coaching to race and trackday drivers and this is the largest part of my work at present.

I also continue to race very succesfully, highlights from 2007 where winning the Britcar 24Hr race at Silverstone (Class 3) and winning the "Battle Of The Japanese Roadsters" event. I also fulfilled a long held dream and raced in the Nurburgring 24Hr race on the mighty Nordschleife. I will again be doing these 3 prestigous 24hr events in 2008.

As well as in-car training I provide and use Data-Logging (often remotely) and Video analysis. I can also assist with the mental and physical aspects of Motor Racing and having been in the industry for over 17 years I have many contacts and can advise on carreer development.

To Contact me or request further information click HERE

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