For the final Powernights of 2007 the organiser had setup a grudge match between the Toyota MR2s and Mazda MX5s that had previously put on some great racing in their own respective races. "We could see the cars were on the same pace and thought that mixing the two up would create some great racing and an extra edge" said series organiser Roger Etcell. The race had been billed as "The Battle of the Japanese Roadsters"

Qualifying saw Edeson on pole followed by a brace of MX5s. "I'm finally getting used to these cars" said Edeson. "I've always rented drives so you always struggle to get used to the cars, having the testing before quali on the same day really helps". A good start in race 1 was translated to a race win and the Battle of the Japanese Roadsters title. Race 2 saw a complete grid reversal with Edeson now starting at the back. "I fought my way up to 5th but was a bit too conservative really and should have been more assertive at the start" said Edeson.


9th Sep 2007 - Edeson wins Britcar 24hrs ... and comes 4th

Last minute problems with drivers dropping out left a hole in the Daniels Motorsport driver roster for their 2 car assault on the 2007 Britcar 24Hr race. "I'd already said to Pete (Daniels) that I’d be happy to do an extra half stint if he was still struggling" said Malcolm. Despite drafting in BTCC lady driver Fiona Leggate at the last minute there was still a stint to fill in both cars. "Pete asked me if I thought I could do 6hrs in both cars, having done 8hrs before and always being up for a challenge I said yes. Pete had signed up himself as well so if I couldn't manage it he could step in".

Because of rules regarding driving stints and breaks Edeson had to do 3hr driving stints with 3 hr rests in between. An eventful race followed with Malcolm being involved in a massive shunt in the 68 car in the early hours. "I was just turning into Vale and got an almighty clout from the rear, must have spun round 3-4 times at least, I ended up a long way from where I started". The 68 Honda Civic had been hit by the Duke Video M3 whose brakes had failed on the way down from Stowe. "It's easily over 100mph on the approach to Vale hence the severity of the impact". The M3 was written off; the Civic looking like it was also out of the race. A check-up at the Medical Centre revealed Edeson to be in good health and still barking mad, able to continue with his 12hr driving marathon.

"The team are amazing, they all worked on it and we got it back running in 3-4hrs. It was patched up with all sorts of stuff but still set reasonable lap times". At the chequered flag after 24 gruelling hours the 2 Daniels Motorsport cars crossed the line in unison. The 67 car had won and the 68 car finished 4th. "It was great to win but I did feel sorry for my team mates in the 68 car. The major credit has to go to the team who did a fantastic job and I'm proud to have been part of it... oh, and yes, I will be back next year".


27th Apr 2008 - Edeson switches marques for the new for 2008, Nippon Challenge.

The new for 2008 "Nippon Challenge" kicked off at the weekend at Silverstone. A grid of 40 Japanese cars took part with the bulk of them being MX5s. 2007 Battle of the Japanese Roadsters Winner Malcolm Edeson who had raced against many of the same MX5s in that race had now switched allegiance to the Mazda's running one of the Keystone Group MX5s. "It's no big deal" said Edeson "it was just that I was looking at renting an MX5 for the 2008 Powernights events and this race came up".

After a reasonable top 6 qualifying the post qualifying weigh-in saw the number 8 car of Edeson just under the minimum weight and he was therefore relegated to the back of the 40 strong grid for both races. "It's a new series and I understand they have to be strict" said Edeson "I was under-weight in scrutineering and the team added ballast but obviously not enough". "It's a shame but I should capture some great race action from my onboard camera" said Edeson putting a positive spin on events.

Great race action there was with Edeson finishing 17th in both races, passing 23 cars in both races, winning Mazda driver of the day. "I felt a bit fake as it was only because of my penalty that I was so far back and passed so many cars but the organisers thought I did a good job, was certainly the most fun I've had racing in a long time".

Malcolm is planning more outings in the series later in the year. "It's a great series, cheap and fun and the car are great".


 25th May 2008 - Early bath for Edeson at the ring

After a disappointing 2007 race where the Brunswick Motorsport Alfa 147JTD blew two turbos in the race and didn't finish Brunswick had opted for a Petrol Alfa 156 for the 2008 race. Malcolm and fellow driver Dave Smith, Peter Duke and Angus Kirkwood were confident that barring accidents the car would go the distance. "It's a great car, quick and stable, just what you need for the 24hr" said Malcolm. Unfortunately an accident did happen. Just as Malcolm began his stint he hit a patch of oil which had just been dropped by the exploding engine of the Tischner Motorsport BMW. Unable to steer or stop on the oil the 156 crashed into the BMW which had been parked on the side of the circuit.

"The damage was pretty bad, and it was clear when we got the car back to the pits that our race was over, but we'll be back, this is one race I’m determined to finish" said Malcolm.


2nd Jun 2008 - Disappointment for Edeson at Spa

After a disappointing Nurburgring 24Hr with Edeson crashing out on oil on his first lap of the race a full weekends racing at Spa was just the therapy he needed. "I love Spa and I've got an even quicker car this year". Malcolm had finished 2nd in both Elise Trophy races in 2007, only being bested by ex Lotus F1 Driver Martin Donnelly. "He's still quick but that was my first time at Spa, I know the track a little better now". For 2008 Malcolm had been provided with a Lotus 340R. "It's around 250bhp and only weighs 630 kilos so it should be quick". This meant Malcolm was running in Class B and would again be up against his rival from 2007 Martin Donnelly. Donnelly was to be driving the latest Lotus 2/11 which he had already won in many times this season.

Unfortunately on the 6th lap of qualifying Edeson's car ground to a halt at La Fagna and had to be recovered back to the paddock. Edeson said later "I just couldn't get gears. At first I thought clutch but when we got it back to the paddock it was making a hell of a racket so the team thought it must be gearbox. We sourced a standard Elise gearbox but when they came to change it they found it was the crankshaft that had snapped, essentially that was game over for me this weekend".

"We had 2 long races on Sunday and it was very disappointing not to be able to take part. I was still getting used to the car and really just feeling my way round but I’d done a laptime good enough for 2nd behind Martin (Donnelly). I know I lost about 3-4 seconds on that lap in traffic, I could see it on the sector times, I was right on the pace and a win was definitely on the cards".


15th Jun 2008 - Fun in the sun at Zandvoort

New for 2008 MX5 racer Malcolm Edeson achieved a long standing ambition at the weekend racing on the classic Zandvoort Track in Holland. "It's always been a track I’ve wanted to drive and when I was invited by the UK MX5s to compete in the local DNRT event there I couldn't resist". The weekend consisted of 4 races of varying length and Edeson came away with 3 x 3rd places and a 5th. "I expected 20 mins of free practice and 20 mins of quali but only got 4 laps of quali as the session was cut short, so not much time to learn the circuit".

"2 x third places on the Saturday set me up for what was to be a major push on Sunday to get a win but I had rear brake lockup problems and numerous sideways moments, including a couple off circuit and could only manage 5th. This put me well back in the multi-class grid and it was all I could do to round of with another podium finish, great weekend though and a fabulous circuit".


30th Aug 2007 - Edeson wins battle of the Japanese Roadsters