I provide track instruction and driver coaching for all levels of driver. Whether you are about to do your first trackday and prefer your own dedicated instructor (or you can share with your friends) or you are an experienced racer looking to improve your driver skills or anyone in between, then give me a call on send a contac request HERE

Instruction is usually provided on a trackday as this allows the instructor to accompany the client. If you have a race license you can also attend Test Days which are similar to trackdays apart from the instructor is not permitted to passenger in the car.

For a list of (mainly UK) test & trackdays click HERE

Whilst Test Days do not have the provision for in-car instruction I can still assist you in improving your driving and getting the best times at that circuit by the use of data-logging.

A data-logger can be fitted to your car in minutes and after each session the data from that session can be analysed and strategies developed for the next session. I have always seen gains from using data-logging, sometimes quite significant ones.

For more information on what Data Logging is and how you would use it to improve your laptimes go HERE